Department of Applied Statistics, The Faculty of Applied Science, KMUTNB

Course Syllabus : Semester 2/2022

040513407 Data Mining PDF
040513103 Statistical Analysis I PDF
040513108 Multivariate Analysis I PDF
040513109 Operations Research I PDF
040513116 Special Project II PDF
040513203 Nonparametric Statistics PDF
040513309 Decision Theory PDF
040513402 Statistics Data Processing PDF
040513105 Probability Theory PDF
040513106 Theory of Statistics I PDF
040513309 Decision Theory PDF
040513407 Data Mining PDF
040533104 Business Forecasting PDF
040533107 Special Project II PDF
040533201 Life Insurance PDF
040533204 Casualty Actuarial Statistics PDF
040533206 Actuarial Models PDF
040533207 Loss Models PDF
040533210 Selected Topics in Business Statistics and Insurance PDF
040533302 Statistical Applications in Marketing PDF
040513402 Statistics Data Processing PDF
040563102 Data Analytics in Regression PDF
040563103 Multivariate Analysis PDF
040563104 Machine Learning PDF
040563402 Special Project II PDF
040545110 Statistical Inference PDF
040545202 Statistical Forecasting PDF
040545301 Models of Operations Research PDF
040557323 Selected Topic in Applied Statistics PDF